We work with many estate agents across London, taking properties off their hands for a minimum of 2 years on a company let. You get guaranteed commission for the next 2 years minimum, with little effort required on your part. We are always looking to work with new agents!

  • Guaranteed commission for the next 2 years minimum

  • Little effort on your part

  • Impress your landlords with quick, easy lets

  • No tenant calls to your management team/landlords

  • No more multiple viewings to let one property

  • No more rent chasing

landlord handing keys to agent
estate agent meeting customer
customer giving keys to agent
landlord making money


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We call to discuss suitable properties, arrange viewings and make you offers within 24 hours


Yess Properties agrees to become your "tenant" for the next 2+ years, we sign the agreement & take the keys


We pay you the agreed monthly rent, guaranteed for the next 2+ years and cover all minor maintenance and utility bills

Your Information is kept strictly confidential


How can I aquire funding for the development of my project?

There are many methods to aquire funding to build your project into a startup. The most popular choice being crowd funding. There are multiple platforms where you can list your idea and people across the world choose to invest small ammounts until your goal is meant. Traditionally for any kind of funding, you need a solid idea, user personas, proof of concept, and a mockup or prototype that showcases the potential of your vision. Having these elements will not only make it easier to aquire funding, but it will give you the foundation you need to build a strong business. Check out our blog on Funding Methods.

What is Marketplace Studio's process to create a platform?

When we receive the project request and desired budget we will assign you a project manager. The PM will then hand curate a team of freelance partners that fit your budget from end to start. Once we have agreed on a Satement of Work, we hit the ground running and being the process of bringing your idea to life. Marketplace Studio and our Partners remian under an Non-Disclosure & IP Agreement to keep your idea safe and private until the time is ready. Once the SOW is completed, you remain the sole owner of all the work completed and can choose next steps.

What happens if a similar idea to mine is found or in existence?

If a similar idea to yours is found we can help you refine your project to include unique attributes that sepertate it from the rest, these are called Competitive Advantages. There are lots of ideas that are similar out there, but the ones that become top-of-mind are the ones who make sure they offer more value to their customers/users than competitors. Remember to always ask yourself, "What problem is this solving?" and "How will this provide value?".

What exactly is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a 5-step process used by many companies to build for what the User wants, but also what they expect. It is an excellent way to understand the personas you're building for, perform market research, an iterate on the design level rather than in the code. The 5 steps are; - Empathise – with your users - Define – your users’ needs, their problem, and your insights - Ideate – by challenging assumptions and creating ideas for innovative solutions - Prototype – to start creating solutions - Test – solutions

What about confidentiality and IP ownership?

When you submit a project proposal through our website, or any other method of communication, Marketplace Studio is obliged to keep your idea safe & private under a Non-Disclourse & IP Agreement. This agreement essentially says that we will not make any information you tell us public without your written consent.